Azpects Ltd., the Home of EASYJoint, today announced several key leadership changes and team promotions, reflecting the company’s commitment to growth, adaptation and its dedicated employees.

Chris Bourne Joins as Sales Director:

Azpects welcomes Chris Bourne as its new Sales Director, bringing a wealth of industry experience and a fresh perspective to the team. His expertise will be instrumental in driving further sales success and propelling the company forward.

Kevin Ager Steps Up as Managing Director:

Following an impressive 15-year tenure, Paul Taylor transitions to the role of Chairman, passing the torch to Kevin Ager as the new Managing Director.  Kevin’s deep understanding of Azpects’ values and strong leadership qualities make him well-suited to guide the company into its next chapter.

Internal Promotions:

Azpects is proud to announce several well-deserved promotions within its talented team:

  • Jeff Carter: After an impressive ten years at Azpects, Jeff has deservedly earned a promotion to Product Director from Associate Director.
  • Lewis Good and Tom Pearson: Recognising their exceptional work in product development and technical knowledge, Lewis and Tom have each been promoted to Product & Technical Manager.
  • David Hobrough: David’s dedication to building strong relationships and all-round company knowledge has earned him promotion to Retail Partnerships Manager.
  • Rebecca Cox: Rebecca’s hard work in the retail sector has been instrumental in Azpects’ success, leading to the well-deserved promotion to Head of Retail Partnerships.
  • UK Sales Management: Craig Merritt (North), Scott Westwood (Central), and Sophy Wentworth (South) have all been promoted to UK Sales Managers, reflecting their significant contributions to driving sales growth across the country.

Kevin Ager commented:

“These promotions show Azpects’ commitment to recognising and building internal talent. The company prides itself on its companywide team spirit and recognises that this collective energy along with the dedication from all employees are the driving force behind continued success. I am thrilled to be leading Azpects onwards”

Pictured: Kevin Ager