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At Cirrus Research, we are dedicated to the prevention and eradication of noise-induced hearing loss and environmental noise pollution. For over 50 years we have been providing solutions to our customers to achieve this by manufacturing and supplying high-quality, simple-to-use, and accurate acoustic measurement instrumentation and complementary products and services. From sound level meters and personal noise dosimeters, to remote cloud-based occupational and environmental monitors, we have everything you need.

Cirrus Research started its life in 1970 as a limited company selling noise measurement equipment primarily within the UK. Fast forward more than 50 years, and it has expanded its operation worldwide, serving customers across six continents and more than 100 countries. With offices in the UK, Germany (Cirrus Research GmbH) and France (Cirrus Research France S.A.S), plus distributors across the world, we are the experts for occupational and environmental noise measurement.

With our industry-leading 15-year warranty, licence-free data analysis software, UKAS-accredited instrument calibration laboratory, and over 50 years’ of technical expertise and excellence, why go anywhere else when looking for your noise monitoring partner?


Institute of Acoustics: Our membership to the Institute of Acoustics demonstrates our commitment to continually developing the tools and technology available to those working in acoustics, leading the way to make noise and vibration measurement easier, more accessible and more effective.

British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF): As a registered safety supplier, we can guarantee that you will only be supplied with genuine approved products, that have undergone a series of compliance checks. As part of our membership, we have the opportunity to take part in several discussions that seek to improve health and safety within the workplace.

British Safety Council (BSC): Our membership in the BSC demonstrates our commitment to not only the health and safety of our own employees but also to promote good health and safety practices across all UK workplaces.

Made in Britain (MiB): Made in Britain is a cross-industry organisation that promotes British manufacturing. Buying from a manufacturer bearing the Made in Britain mark, you can be assured of its quality.

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