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Consumer trust, digital trust, is vital for organisational success and is of increasing importance to consumers.

Building and maintaining consumer trust in an era of online/digital engagement and digitally enabled product/service delivery is increasing challenging for all organisations.

Increasing legal, regulatory and contractual obligations, plus widely publicised data protection and cybersecurity related incidents are causing real concern for consumers. Whilst there are generational, geographical and cultural differences, emerging globally, on how consumers view organisations, research shows that consumers are increasingly concerned about trust, just as much as they are about quality, cost, and time to deliver when making purchasing decisions. Digital trust models are emerging from thought leaders, for example; McKinsey, the World Economic Forum and the big 4 consultancy companies.

Building and maintaining digital trust has rapidly become an area of business focus that requires strategic attention.

Consumer trust is arguably the greatest asset any organisation has, and it needs to be protected, just as tangible assets do to ensure safe, secure, on-time, quality product and service delivery.

“Sales, marketing, and operations teams are likely spending time every day discussing the impact that factors such as pricing and delivery times have on customer behaviour,” says McKinsey Associate Partner Liz Grennan. “The survey results suggest that it is time to ensure that digital trust is incorporated into these conversations as well.”

Building and maintaining digital trust requires an understanding of emerging digital trust frameworks/models and effective:

  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Cybersecurity and Information Security Management
  • Data Protection, Privacy and Transparency
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Awareness of the changing technological landscape and consumer acceptance considerations
  • Awareness of associated increasing legal and regulatory obligations

“Our final conclusion is that in a digitally connected and data-driven world, achieving digital trust is a major strategic imperative and a huge business differentiator.”

Put simply, consumers interact with and purchase from organisations they trust.

The DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) training courses enable employees at all levels to be aware of how digital trust impacts on consumer behaviour, associated organisational success, and enables participants to support the building and maintaining of consumer confidence and trust.

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