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In today’s technology-driven business world, building and maintaining customer trust, digital trust, is a strategic imperative for all organisations

In today’s technology-driven business world, digital trust – the level of confidence about an organisation’s products, services, and online digital presence, has significant implications for future business performance and associated success. The construction industry is no exception. Digital trust is rapidly becoming a strategic imperative for all organisations.

Organisations that can build and maintain digital trust with consumers will be on a positive path to business growth. Whilst there are generational, geographical and cultural differences, emerging globally, on how consumers view organisations, research shows that consumers are increasingly concerned about trust, just as much as they are about quality, cost, and time to deliver when making purchasing decisions.

Organisations that fail to deliver digital trust, put simply, are not going to last long.

Several issues are making it increasingly challenging for organisations to build and maintain consumer confidence and trust:

  • Customer expectations surrounding online security and privacy are increasing, raising the stakes for effective governance, risk management, cybersecurity, privacy, data protection, transparency and resilience.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements are increasing, and associated legal and regulatory bodies are taking an increasing role in oversight of new digital technologies by organisations of all sizes and in all sectors/industries, public and private.
  • The speed of technological advance, as more products and services are enabled by new technologies, the scope and importance of digital trust is expanding, affecting all an organisation’s activities, not just consumer facing digital product and/or service delivery.

“Sales, marketing, and operations teams are likely spending time every day discussing the impact that factors such as pricing and delivery times have on customer behaviour,” says McKinsey Associate Partner Liz Grennan. “The survey results suggest that it is time to ensure that digital trust is incorporated into these conversations as well.”

Building and maintaining digital trust requires an understanding of emerging digital trust frameworks/models and effective:

  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Cybersecurity and Information Security Management
  • Data Protection, Privacy and Transparency
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Awareness of the changing technological landscape and consumer acceptance considerations
  • Awareness of associated increasing legal and regulatory obligations

We are here to help you build and maintain confidence and trust with your existing and future customers.

The DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) training courses enable employees at all levels to be aware of how digital trust impacts on consumer behaviour, associated organisational success, and enables participants to support the building and maintaining of consumer confidence and trust.

Our exclusive DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) Verified digital badge shows customers you care and is issued to organisations that have trained in excess of 90% of staff on the foundations of digital trust.”

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