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DoorCo is the leading innovator of composite doors in the UK market, committed to quality and creativity.

Our reputation for building the highest quality composite doors & components is matched to the increasing industry demands, meaning we deliver a wide range of door & cassette designs appealing to both the commercial and retail sector. Our commitment to being the most innovative manufacturer also means we are consistently bringing new products to the market.

Our composite door brands can be supplied as door blanks or fully prepped from our Macclesfield hub. We have full manufacturing capacity to create the wide range of designs in our product portfolio, as well as three state-of-the art painting facilities, all supported with an end-to-end online ordering system that makes it easier for everyone along the supply chain to do business.

Our history
Celebrating nearly 20 years in business, DoorCo is a family run business with hands-on directors – Dan & Jayne Sullivan – at the helm. The business has been built up from humble beginnings to become the UK’s leading independent supplier of high-quality composite doors.

Our purpose is simply ‘to deliver innovation and unbeatable service to our customers’. Our recently updated purpose is designed to capture the very essence of what we’re here to do – serve our customers with innovation and quality.

Our supply chain

Uniquely, we partner with DoorCo KR (Korea) who produce our doors in one of the most advanced door manufacturing facilities in the world, incorporating automated assembly systems to ensure consistency of production, and cost savings compared to most. DoorCo KR is audited by TRADA UK and displays the Q Mark certification stamp on every door, giving our UK customers peace of mind on manufacturing process and quality.

Our UK manufacturing capabilities are building too. We make our own FLiP cassette system here and we’ve recently invested in a new facility in Doncaster, which as well as being home to a new Research and Development hub, will also fully produce our first Made In The UK composite door.

Our brands

DoorCo is one of the only manufacturers to offer three types of composite door.

ORiGINAL is the market leading foam-filled composite door, installed in millions of homes across the UK. Our range of ORiGINAL doors are developed specifically for the UK market and with designs to suit every home, they are a favourite in the commercial sector. Timeless designs such as Carnoustie, Lytham and Sunningdale are bestsellers and new designs such as Eaton and the NOiR collection are rising in popularity.

NOiR has 7 brand-new Traditional styles in the range and showcase our tallest, widest door ever. Measuring 950mm x 2100mm, Eaton, Knightsbridge and Tatton create a truly grand entrance.

ORiGINAL excels in performance thanks to its internal composition and GRP outer skins. ORiGINAL offers a significantly better U-Value than any other option on the market, with the entire range meeting with the requirements of the current Building Regulations. Security is taken very seriously with ORiGINAL too, with features that stand up to current and future security standards, including PAS 24 in line with Approved Document Q, L & M.

ORiGINAL is aesthetically pleasing, available in a choice of woodgrain or etched finishes that require minimal maintenance, meaning they keep looking beautiful for many years.

GRiPCORE is the superior choice. In a first for the UK market, our brand-new hybrid timber-foam core comprises of layers of PIR foam and HDF plywood, compressed between two sheets of aluminium to add extra stability and rigidity. Finished with our signature GRP skins, the configuration of GRiPCORE is simply exceptional and better than anything else currently available on the market.

GRiPCORE technology® has the best of traditional & modern materials, engineered to deliver a stronger, heavier and more robust door that boasts:

  • 3mm maximum thermal movement
  • No cracking
  • No de-lamination
  • Improved U-Value that will be compliant with 2025 building regulations

GRiPCORE also meets security requirements of PAS 24 and Approved in line with Approved Document L and comes with its own bespoke glass and colour collection, including a choice of RALs which are perfect for colour matching.

Coming soon is a brand-new composite door that is fully made in the UK. It comprises a solid timber core and ThermoPlastic skins and will be available in a unique 914mm x 2095mm standard size in either a 44mm or 48mm width, so it’s designed to fit any profile. The new door will be available in over 15 standard colours and both our most popular and brand-new designs.

No matter which core is chosen, it’s the colour, glass & glazing options that really sets the finished DoorCo door apart. The door collections have standard colour choices that allow us to stock the most popular colours on-the-shelf. And for ORiGINAL & GRiPCORE there’s an additional colour service that uses advanced technology to offer a colour-matching service, or with a choice of RALs, the ability to have any colour.

Our entire glass range is hand-picked to meet the market needs, with many designs exclusive to DoorCo.

When it comes to door glazing, FLiP is our exclusive cassette system, designed by DoorCo and made in the UK. With superior Foam in Place technology® and unrivalled aesthetics, FLiP offers endless possibilities when it comes to designing a door and now features even more robust components that also offer an easier method of glazing.

FLiP® has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is weatherproof and secure. Doorsets containing the system have been tested to BS6375-2015 and in accordance to EN1027, and achieved over 1000pa through the glazing aperture during weather testing. Further supported by DoorCo’s 10-year warranty on FLiP.

FLiP is one of the only door glazing systems to offer design choice with traditional, contemporary or eclectic design choices.

Coming soon: No composite door collection is complete without fire doors, and DoorCo’s FiRECORE product is undergoing extensive testing to ensure it’s fully compliant with the latest and future standards of fire protection. FiRECORE will be available in 4 different designs with matching sidelights.




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Next Steps:

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