Phone: 023 8030 2017 | Mobile: 07824 724377
International House, George Curl Way, Southampton SO18 2RZ

Phone: 023 8030 2017 | Mobile: 07824 724377
International House, George Curl Way,
Southampton SO18 2RZ

About elevate

What is the main role of the company? What services or products do you provide
The main role of the company is to provide a one stop solution for the construction industry and the public, to manage and guide the undertaking and completion of a construction project, no matter how big or small. All at a very reasonable cost and not needing multiple software.
Elevate has developed a software that manages design / finance/construction. Linking all the process together, which increases productivity and reduces risk, for a construction company of any size, and at the same time allowing the man on the street to undertake their own project, through the guidance of the software. All through each different sector talking to each other.

What sets your service apart from others.
The software covers all instances within the management of a construction project and eliminates the duplication of works between the different sectors, this creates huge savings in management time which in turn improves productivity.
The automatic programme that creates working programmes is the first of its kind in the marketplace, and with auto payment calculations a minimum, everyone is protected financially.

Finally, the system has been designed from within the industry, not from Teck wizards sat in an office an asking other, but from real experience, that has been gained over 41 years within the industry, the end user admin screens have been designed with ease of use in mind, so anyone with a basic understanding can set up and use the software. Elevate is the first software that is set at very reasonable costs and allows access for everyone, not just the ones with the deepest pockets!

If you could use three words to describe your company,
which would you use and why?

Innovative: The software is at the cutting edge of project management, with the end user at the heart of the working system. Ensuring ease of use and making sure the system helps the end user fulfil their obligations.
Caring: The company ensures that the product is available to all, so any training requirements are kept to a minimum. The company ensures its products are tested to the highest quality to ensure smooth operation, with customer services set up for instant chat or talking to an expert, the company ensures the end user isn’t left alone and the product, reduces stress, and make work enjoyable again.
Dynamic: The company, will push hard and invest in R&D to ensure its standards are kept and that its products spread to help everyone in any field, started from nothing with 15 years of development including 4 years of testing, the system is second to none at a very reasonable cost, help shouldn’t come at a ridiculous cost, help should be there for everyone, Elevate will make sure it is.

Is there anything you would like this editorial to focus on? Do you have any further products you could send over?
The system has been developed from within the industry, not from Teck boffins sat in offices and then talking to people in construction and developing a system. This has been developed from the ‘Coal Face’ and deals with what happens on projects and what decisions must be made and how the decisions can have an effect further down the line. It also links the items that are not project / site based, where decisions, performances away from the project can have a massive effect on the project itself. The software has specifically been designed to help and assist all, to reduce stress in the workplace, to be kind on the environment, help and assist the end users

Has there been any latest development for your company?
14 months live testing has been completed.

What are your plans for the rest of 2023 and beyond?
Continue, growing, innovating, learning, listening.

What does commitment to excellence mean to you as a company and how do you feel you have achieved this?
The commitment of excellence is a highly sort after award and is in recognition for the company and its employees regarding its products, services it offers.

Do you have a web site, if so, can we use it for any further information?
www.elevate-software Solutions

elevate at a glance

Elevates moto is ‘Construction made easy’

With over 34 years’ experience within the construction industry and fully understanding the complexities involved in administrating and completing projects.

Steve McGowan MCIOB designed Elevate to be simple, user friendly and at the same time direct and produce all the documents and information required to manage a project from the start through to completion, and send this information automatically.

In addition the system had to have the ability to be a standalone system, with no need for complex and expensive integration costs into a company’s structures or other applications, which would give the end user a choice and flexibility that may be required, but at the same time, training to use the system had to be self-explanatory, and based within the system.

The Elevate system had to be compatible to all – not just the main contractor – but where each individual sector including the sub-contractor could also use the system on their own if required.

With the above said, elevate was born and has achieved all its goals and many more.

The system directs everyone smoothly and efficiently all at the simple ‘click’ of a button. It doesn’t matter how large or small your organisation is or whether it is contractual or non-contractual, Elevate works for all. It guides everyone simply but efficiently and removes stress from the work place.


“Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognise it as such”
Henry Miller

Elevate is the only software that links all the different sectors together and manages them in detail.

Elevate directs everyone and truly understands the complexities of Industry and the end user requirements which has now been turned into a simple ‘Click’



New build
Elevate guides, controls and designs the construction phase including quality and financial aspects of the contract including payments. Full reviews of the project can be carried out in real time. No need to visit the site, just login and browse.

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A more trimmed down version of Elevate where the superstructure is completed, the management parameters of Elevate are the fit out, external finishes and financial management.

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Just a few additional clicks and Elevate changes and is instantly enabled to manage different types of contract.

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A more specific version of Elevate where the particulars of the demolition industry are taken into account with the control on safety prior to the demolition process beginning and through the actual demolition process.

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Elevates trimmed down version for sub-contracts implements the contract seamlessly. Looking after the specific sub-contractors works and ensuring the administration of the contract is seamless.

Elevate and the Sub Contractor(duration: 1:22)

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Elevate becomes the hub of the contract ensuring all parties are linked together with direction given to all concerned. Linking client + design + construction phase and finance, Elevate reduces cost and risk to the minimum.

Elevate and the Main Contractor(duration: 2:30)

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Elevate assists in the design of buildings but more importantly ensures clear direction is given in clearing any design issues. This reduces timescales for architects and ensures that design stays in front of the construction phase.

Architecture and Elevate(duration: 1:47)

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Elevate helps the end user plan for all issues including the final hand over and population of the buildings. As a client, you can keep a close eye on the project or multiple projects from a distance and see the status of all the different sectors of your project and how they are performing.

The Client and Elevate(duration: 1:20)

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Pultiple Contracts/Projects

Elevate does not stop at managing one contract, Elevate has been designed so the software can handle multiple contracts of any type. This ensures everything is in one place and management is simple and effortless.

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