As part of the expansion of its LXT cordless range, Makita has unveiled the DCU602 four-wheeled battery-powered wheelbarrow, which boasts an increased maximum load capacity of up to 300kg on flat ground.

The DCU602 wheelbarrow is powered by two 18V LXT Li-Ion batteries in series, but up to four can be used if a longer runtime is required – of up to 100 minutes, where the operator can switch to the second pair of batteries when the first pair are depleted.

The model is equipped with a dump bucket which can be operated electronically or manually. Easily controlled, the wheelbarrow has three forward speeds – 1.5, 3.5 and 5 km/h – and one reverse; and is equipped with electric and electromagnetic brakes on top of a hand lever operated mechanical brake. A swivel lock also fixes the direction of the rear tyres. In addition, the DCU602 features head and taillights, as well as a warning beeper and level gauge.

Compared to petrol-powered alternatives, the DCU602 offers equivalent power – without the exhaust fumes and CO2 emissions – and is also silent running. The brushless motor is long-life and maintenance free and a battery protection circuit protects against overloading, over-discharging and over-heating.

Makita’s Marketing Manager, Kevin Brannigan, said: “The DCU602 is an ideal solution for landscapers and builders looking to reduce manual handling on site. The DCU602 offers them a powerful and dependable method of safely transporting materials, without the environmental drawbacks of petrol alternatives.”

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