Makita has launched its first cordless air compressor, offering a powerful, portable solution for interior nailing applications. Operating at only 68 decibels, this lightweight and compact machine can drive up to 700 finish nails using a fully charged 4.0Ah 40VMax XGT battery, and up to 1,400 finish nails using a fully charged 8.0Ah 40VMax XGT battery.

With a tank capacity of up to 7.6 litres and a maximum tank pressure of 9.3bar, the new AC001G 40VMax XGT Brushless Air Compressor reaches full pressure within just two minutes and is capable of moving 34 litres of air per minute at a pressure of up to 134 PSI, and the pressure can be adjusted to suit various pneumatic fixing machines. Ideal for interior timber fixing applications, such as panelling or wood trimming with 16Ga, 18Ga or 23Ga nailers or pneumatic staplers, this versatile machine can also be used for light garage tasks, inflating, blowing and pressure testing.

The rigid roll cage frame construction offers superior protection, ensuring durability even in demanding work conditions, yet this product is impressively lightweight. In fact, it’s up to 10lb lighter than competitor models, making it perfect for jobs where performance, mobility and flexibility are key.

In addition, the AC001G has been designed with low noise emissions, even at high pressure. Operating at only 68dB (quieter than an alarm clock), the product ensures a quiet working environment without compromising on power, making it ideal for indoor use.

To conserve power and offer additional safety, Makita has also equipped this new product with automatic cut-in and cut-out pressure features to optimise operating efficiency. While the motor is off, pressure in the air tank drops with continued use. When the pressure drops to 0.72 MPa, the motor will restart automatically (cut-in). When the air compressor is turned on and it starts running, air pressure begins to build inside the air tank. When it reaches a pressure of 0.93 MPa, the motor automatically shuts off, protecting the air tank from pressure higher than its design rating (cut-out).

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita, said: “We are excited to launch the AC001G, our first cordless, 40VMax air compressor, which offers market leading design and performance. This workhorse is part of our expanding XGT platform, so the battery can be used with over 100 products in the range, making it easy to switch between tasks quickly and easily.”

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