Makita has added a cordless shear wrench to its powerful 40VMax XGT platform to handle a fastening capacity of up to 250 M22 bolts in one charge. The new WT001G Shear Wrench is compact and lightweight while still delivering on all aspects of performance.

Weighing just 5.5kg and at 1.6kg lighter than its predecessor model, Makita’s new shear wrench offers a lightweight yet rapid fastening solution for M16, M20 and M22 high strength torque shear bolts (HTB), and M16 and M20 super high strength torque shear bolts (SHTB). Capable of achieving up to 804Nm of maximum fastening torque, the powerful brushless motor delivers up to 250 M22 tightened torque control bolts per charge when used with a 4.0Ah XGT battery.

An electric braking system allows the tool to be quickly repositioned for increased productivity while the bolt-tip ejection lever enables easy disposal of tips. The machine also features an anti-threading mechanism which minimises the chance of the bolt tip threads being stripped.

The shear wrench has been designed for user comfort and convenience with an ergonomic D-shaped handle with a trigger power switch, an LED battery charge indicator, a shoulder strap hook for maximum portability, and an anti-restart function that helps prevent accidental start-ups.

Matt Chilton Product Manager at Makita UK commented: “We have engineered this tool to tick all the right boxes for professional users to provide maximum power, speed, and run-time without the cord. The lightweight design of the 40VMax XGT Shear Wrench reduces the stress on user’s body when working on tough, upward tightening applications and it has been engineered to provide up to 14% faster fastening than corded equivalent models.”

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